Proven Everyone Wrong?

It is still early days, but as this season started everyone from journalists, other coaches, sporting directors to players all held reservations over Leonardo becoming the new coach of Milan. He was met with endless doubts and no one thought it was possible that this young inexperienced coach would be to carry the weight of Milan on his shoulders.

Similarly across Italy a similar event was taking place. Ciro Ferrara was hired by Juventus to replace Claudio Ranieri as head coach. Ferrara, despite having coached the youth side and worked alongside Marcello Lippi in the year the Azzurri won the world cup, was still young and inexperienced and had never managed a team with such a status as Juventus.

However, in contradicting style the journalists seemed to favour Ciro as coach, often expressing their support in him being named new coach. It even went as far as to say that he could turn this Juventus side into potential title contenders and that they were the only side strong enough to challenge Mourinho and his men for the Scudetto.

All in all it could be summed up as Milan were going to be a lost cause and Juventus were taking home the trophies this year. However, as it currently stands half way through the season; Juventus have lost their form, have found themselves knocked out of the Champions, slipped their way down the log and Ciro Ferrara has now been replaced by Alberto Zaccheroni. Title contenders? I think not.

While in Milan, despite the shocking start Leonardo has found a way to gel the team together. They are currently in second place, nine points adrift with a game in hand, and they are still in the Champions League. Even though the Scudetto might be unrealistic and the Coppa Italia no longer up for grabs for them Leonardo has out done himself and has surely proven his critics wrong.

He remained quiet when edged on by journalists, he kept his head focused at the task at hand and has so far outplayed his fellow young coach, Ciro Ferrara. This might be a cynical post though as they say; "credit where credit is due" and Leo certainly deserves some respect.


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