How do you know when it all goes wrong?

When do you start to realise that the day you thought would turn out great lands up to be a disaster?

Well it all started for me today. I woke up this morning feeling excited and confident for the game ahead, however as the day drew on certain things started to fill my mind with doubt.

Now I know none of these specific things had anything to do with Milan's failure to qualify for the quater finals but it just goes from bad to worse.

I went to lectures today to find out I did the totally wrong preparation for that specific lecture, which totally killed my mood as I couldn't have been bothered trying to do the proper preparation in 15mins. So I sat on edge the whole way through the lectures.

I then went to gym, no better way to get your frustration out, right? Wrong! My Biokentikist continued to tell me that Arsenal would destroy Milan and that Milan's transfer policy was pathetic as we have had the same team for TOO many years (which I now agree with 100%), and when we have injuries we have no decent replacements! A TEAM LIKE MILAN NEEDS REPLACEMENTS!!! Man Utd have, Arsenal have, Roma, Real Madrid, Barca, Inter all have, why the hell do Milan not have replacements?!?!?!?!?!

Following that horrible discussion doubts started to arise but I pushed it to the back of my head as of course I had to plan for the Barbeque I was having with my friends.

After doing some shopping for the barbeque I got back home with the mom and she started to get sick, so of course it is only respectful to cancel with your friends if someone is being sick all over the house. A person needs to rest, no?

So I cancelled with everyone, about the only good thing that happened as I didn't have to bare witness to Arsenal fans' celebrations in my very home. But this is not the first time some of my plans have been screwed up since I have arrived back from Italy, the South African "tokoloschies" are against me for some reason. Kidding...

Now moving on, the night just got worse as the second quarter of the game Arsenal started to dominate the half and midfield maestro's such as Pirlo, Ambrosini and Kaka were just falling to pieces. I have honestly never EVER seen such a poor display from my footballing hero (Pirlo) ever and it only got worse as it was his error- one of many- that gifted the fantastic Fabregas with his goal.

And then of course we just saw Milan fall apart and give up from then on as the bright Theo Walcott crossed the ball to Adebayor to send Milan packing. The first time Milan have ever lost to an English team at the San Siro.

If that wasn't bad enough, it soon hit me that that poor, passionless display by the rossoneri would be Maldini's last game in Europe. The man has simply been an icon for fans in Europe and around the world and this is how his team repays him? How Carlo repays him?

After such an illastrious career that has seen the majority of it filled with good memories he had to bow out- or rather stumble out- after such a poor display. Thank goodness the majority of his career will be remembered by all the trophies he has won and not by his final game however, us Milanisti will never forget it.

And now I think it is only right to say Goodbye to Ancelotti finally. The man did wonders last season but now I think the ice has started to melt and Milan need someone new.

But credit where credit is due, Congratlutions to Arsenal. They are a fantastic team and they really proved to Milan that youth can be just as important as experience. Wenger's boys are truely a talented squad and I hope they can go all the way if Roma do not make it.

And now I bid you all a sad goodbye from a Milanista Champions League perspective and I will refer to the Champions League from now on as a neutral.

NOTE: Following from tomorrow, I am going start with what I call "Maldini Month". It will basically be a month dedicated to him in remembrance of his fine and sporting persona. I am too upset over this loss to start it now and the fact that I will never ever be able to see our beloved Maldini play for Milan in Europe ever again is tearing me apart... there are no words that can ever descibe the player and gentlemen this man is.


Anna Italia said…
Keep me informed about "Maldini Month." All my respect to our Captain.

Maldini's reaction after winning the 2007 FIFA World Club Cup
Milanista said…
Thanks Anna, feel free to add something any time or if you have any ideas. And keep adding links on our fantastic captain!

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