Anger, jealousy, arrogance and faith! A painful defeat!

It was a painful defeat to watch last night as Milan lost in the last minute against Man Utd. I am still battling to absorb it, as Milan have won on so many occasions in the last minute that i never really knew how it felt to be on the receiving end. The pain that you endure is hard, i hated every second of it, watching the Man Utd fans jump up and down in the local pub I was at. Screaming and shouting, for the first time in a long time, Milan had lost in the last minute. 3-2 the final score.

It was horrible the tension that was in the pub was felt by both parties of supporters, anger was flying in an exchange of words. And 10 mins before the end, i turn to the Man Utd fans, and I swear to them in Italian. Horrible I know, but i couldn't take it, their arrogance was flying, my jealousy had reached boiling point, until it all blew over. Rooney had scored in the last minute, 3-2.

Now the defeat wouldn't have as horrible if there wasn't so much arrogance around, but hey, that's sport and that why we love it. With 2 away goals I am still confident and faith is what gets teams through these difficult times. The game isn't over just yet, we still have one more game left and at the San Siro! The theatre of football.

Last night game was by no means boring, it was in fact an excellent game and for the neutrals it kept them on their toes. Kaka vs Ronaldo battle was one that many people had been waiting for. An unbiased opinion I think Kaka won that battle last night. But their is two sides to every story, and we still have another 90mins of football left to be played.

I am still so proud of this team, going into the break 2-1 up at Old Trafford is awesome, but with two injuries suffered to two key players you can't help but think maybe it was that that turned the game around.

But nevertheless hope is what us Milanisti hold in our hearts, and it isn't going, because a win at home can see us through! FORZA MILAN, Italian football is not dead, and if anyone can do it YOU CAN!!
"Viva la dolce Vita!"


turquoisefthr said…
I almost wanted to shoot myself in the head when our boys, once again, conceded a goal during stoppage time last night. But then, just like you said, it isnt that bad to have 2 away goals. In the 2nd leg when we play at home, a 1:0 win will get us through. 1:0 shouldnt be that hard for our boys at San Siro, shouldnt it? I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed.

LOL you cussed at Man U fans in Italian! thats awesome!
Milanista said…
Thanks, i felt so bad afterwards. I got so angry with them. But hey, it's not like they were angels too!

Like Seedorf said, he said that it's better that we lost because then we know what to do. And we wil be more amped to go out there and win. I am confident, this team has been through too much to give up! It will be tough no doubt, but we have made the final 10 times, we can do it again.

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