So what...?

For me I just cannot understand all the hype around Leonardo's future. Rumours have been going on for weeks now that the Brazilian might leave the San Siro in the summer. But to be quite honest, did anyone ever think he would make it past more than one full season?

I certainly never! First of all he has never coached before in his life, secondly he never wanted to coach Milan. Why would you coach a side- when you have no experience- when you can travel the world scouting players and not have the pressure of the media, fans, the club and players on your back? Why spend less time with your new family in Italy when they are in Brazil?

So my question is, so what if Leonardo leaves? I am huge fan of his and respect the man highly but he just isn't ready yet to coach a team with such a prestigious background like Milan. Perhaps in future years to come?

Credit where credit is due, he certainly pulled off some shocks, made the team play in a different style, helped unleash players like Antonini and form a great partnership with Pato, Borriello and Ronaldinho. Not to mention bringing back the mighty Nesta of the past.

But the problem isn't necessarily with Leonardo, it is with the management. A huge reshuffle has to take place and new YOUNG players need to be brought in. With all due respect, Yepes has had a great season, but does Galliani and company really think that a 34-year old is going to solve Milan's back line. Think again!

Quite frankly it is ridiculous that all this fuss has been created about Leonardo's future with just three more games left to play. What happens after the season happens and must stay that way. I prefer that the team shifts their attention on the last three vital remaining games, so they can maintain that third and final guaranteed Champions League spot.

Let Leonardo get on with his business, end the season on the highest possible note and the page will turn, a new chapter will start when that final whistles blows against Juventus on the last day. For now: FORZA MILAN!


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