Underdogs Soar!

The title race is already wide open as Serie A has experienced the most exciting opening two weeks of the new season in which has seen the underdogs soar by surprising the 'Giants' of Italian football.

Last week Roma where stunned by Cesena's determination seeing the Seahorses hold the giallorossi for a goalless draw in the first Serie A. While Massimo Ficcadetti did another one over the rossoneri to kick the Diavoli off the top of the table by beating them 2-0.

The bianconeri played with passion, determination and gave it there all ousting the rossoneri in every area, proving that a side that has no more than 18 players can take on a team that hosts some of the biggest names in European football.

Chievo however; has set one for the records following their 3-1 win over Genoa on Sunday afternoon. The 'Flying Donkeys' are the sole leaders of the table following triumphs over Catania and Genoa in the first two weeks.

While Cagliari also pulled off a stunner after thumping Ranieri's Roma side 5-1 on Saturday evening. The rossoblu took the lead 8 minutes through Conti and didn't stop there after De Rossier found the equaliser. Matri slotted one in from the penalty spot followed by a goal from Aquafresca to give them a 3-1 lead over the Luppi at half time. The second home saw Matri net his second while Lazzarri sent the giallorossi packing.

It has been ages since Serie A fans have had something to be excited about as now the title race is wide open. Smaller teams have closed the gap and have instilled a fear in the Italian Giants. Watercooler talk at the office hasn't been so exciting for the Italian public in ages as this season looks to be a cracker.


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