Calcio Needs a clean up!! R.I.P GABRI SANDRI!!

Once again calcio has seen a weekend to forget. Before the afternoon games this weekend, a Lazio fan was killed in Arezzo due to a scuffle between Juventus and Lazio fans in a restaurant along a highway.

Gabriele Sandri, 26, was shot dead as a policemen fired his gun to try and break up the fighting however it only resulted in something worse as he landed up shooting and killing Sandri. Sandri lived in Bergamo and his life was about music and Lazio. He in fact was a friend of Lazio's defender Lorenzo De Silvestri and his death was described by Lazio President Claudio Lotito that they lost a "family member".

The game between the two teams was called off instantly and all the other games were to start 10 minutes late with the players all wearing a black armband.

However more protests arose in Bergamo where Milan were meant to take on Atalanta. As the fans got word of the death of Sandri (remember he came from Bergamo) they started protesting to their team and asking them not to play against Milan; the team that comes from the same city as Inter.

The players from Atalanta didn't listen to their fans and they agreed to go on with the game. The game started but the fans continued to protest and they went on to start breaking the glass that lay between the fans and the field. Fights also started to break out between the fans and soon the ground became to hostile and dangerous for both teams to play. So that game was called off too.

In the Fiorentina-Udinese game, there was nothing as bad as at the Stadio Mario Brumara but their were fans that started fighting as well. These are just three things I saw that went on in this weekend's games but it is unacceptable.

After the tragic incident in Catania last year we are back were we started. How many people have to die before Calcio gets a proper clean up? Italian football is looking like England did years ago and FIGC and Coni need to find a way to get it clean again.

It is a sad and a disgusting thing to see, and in a country where football is not just a sport it is a way of life; these things should not be happening.

Thoughts are with the Sandri Family and may he R.I.P!


Anonymous said…
The Lazio fans calshed with JUVENTUS fans in Arezzo, NOT with Inter fans.
Milanista said…
Sorry was thinking that Inter because they were going to play against Inter.
patcook said…
the juve fans were heading south to parma and the lazio fans north to milan, hence why they crossed paths.

They were complete idiots. Who decides to have a melee on the side of the street?
ginkers said…
It is all pretty miserable whatever the full details are. It would be nice to have a season of Italian football without having to talk about this kind of thing...

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