Happy or Sad?

I know it's a bit late but better late than never.

I am still completely undecided on whether I can be happy about yesterday's results or sad about them. Milan embarrassingly lost to Napoli 3-1 after they finally managed to win a derby for the first time in two years. How does that work out? Typical Milan going from one extreme to the next. But what one has to remember is; both Inter and Juventus lost to Napoli at the San Paolo. It has no doubt been a tough ground to play on for all travelling teams.

The loss became even more difficult for Milanisti to swallow after they gave Fiorentina fourth spot with only one game left to play. The rossoneri will have to play their hearts out next Sunday to ensure a Milan victory against Udinese, as well as hope that Fiorentina fail to win against Torino, who ensured themselves of Serie A safety, for at least one more season, after beating Livorno 1-0.

The one thing that was comforting to see was seeing Siena destroy Inter's hopes of a scudetto celebration as they held Inter to a 2-2 draw. Not only was that priceless for the diavoli but seeing Materazzi making a fool of himself on a non-existent penalty was the cherry on top. One could clearly see he was replaying last season's scudetto triumph in his head before he even took the penalty.

Roma's win on Sunday added extra pressure to Inter as the giallorossi are now 1 point behind Mancini's men.

With one game left it is all to play for in Serie A as the title race is wide open, the battle for fourth spot is as hot as ever and the relegation battle is also intense with Livorno the only team so far to know their fate.

Enjoy the grand Finale. IN BOCCA AL LUPO MILAN E ROMA!!


patcook said…
I hope Inter try to fix their last game get caught and then Milan and Fiorentina go to the Champions League next season.

No i dont really hope there is still that sort of corruption i just wish both Milan and Fiorentina could make the CL

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