2010 World Cup Stadium Tour- Green Point

Since the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be hosted in South Africa I have had the privilege of witnessing the stadiums slowly come alive in the Mother City- Cape Town. However, on Friday I had the opportunity to have a personal tour of Cape Town's Stadium in Green Point.

It was a fantastic tour that not only allowed me to see the stadium under construction but it also allowed me to learn more about the enormity of constructing a World Class Stadium. The Stadium is currently on track and the third tear is due to be completed in September.

It will host several group stage games a quarter final and a semi-final game. It will surely be a magnificent afair when 2010 comes around and to grasp what the stadium will look like the style of it is based on the Berlin stadium.
Here are some pictures:


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patcook said…
Is there much concern in South Africa about whether or not the construction work for all the World Cup infrastructure will be completed. At all these big events there are always rumours that things aren't on track. I remember when Sydney held the Olympics and locally their were concerns because the site of the Olympics was also home to a rare species of frog and while all the different people invloved debated what to do about it, it held up the construction for some time and caused concerns over whether everything would be completed.
Amir.S. said…
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Milanista said…
To answer your question Pat, there certainly is a lot of concern whether construction will be completed in time but for now Cape Town's stadium is on track and they were the last to start due to debates over the location. However, all the other stdiums around SA have raised concerns as they have been hit by strikes by the workers so whether or not it will be done in time is a concern.

Also SA have had problems with Xenophobia which have forced FIFA to come up with a plan B incase we don't come through in time.

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