Ronaldinho chooses the number 80 shirt

By far the most talked about player that was in the transfer market, Ronaldinho or R10 finally moved away from Barcelona- after struggling to fit in with his Barca teammates- and has taken a new path where he will try and write history with the red and black of Milan.

After weeks, even months, of negations between Gallaini and Roberto de Assis the two finally came to an agreement to sign the former World Player of the Year for 18million on a three-year deal. It is a transfer that has seen many of the M
ilanisti rejoice in bringing the much loved Brazilian to the San Siro.

It has been a couple of eventful days for 'Dinho but he has embraced it with a smile on his face. His presentation at the San Siro last week saw the Samba King brought close to tears by a passionate embracing audience.

The biggest question remained: what shirt will he wear?

But it is now known what number Ronaldinho will wear next season. Due to Clarence Seedorf occupying the famous number 10 shirt R10 will now be known as R80 when playing for Milan. He kindly accepted the fact that the number 10 shirt belonged to Seedorf and he chose 80 because of the year of his birth.

His transfer however does not solve all of Milan's problems as the depth and age is still a major factor for the diavoli but with an attack force with him, Pato and Kaka some Serie A defences will certainly be scared.

If Ronaldinho gets back to his full health and Milan find the confidence and motivation of the past they will definitely be a strong contender in the UEFA Cup and in Serie A.

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