Disappointment and anger felt by all who watch Milan

What do all these faces have in common?


Again and....


Anger to say the least!

This is one common factor that the rossoneri and their milanisti are feeling. They have just lost 2-1 to Celtic and in all honesty, it was expected, given Celtics form and Milan's really poor form at late.

I am not going to go through all the factors of where Milan are going wrong as it has all been mentioned before but, one thing that hasn't been mentioned is the lack of passion and desire to win from the European Champions.

They all spoke ahead of the new season that they were all looking forward to the campaign and that they were going for a second consecutive title but it certainly doesn't look like "la voglia"is there to win the games.

Even some of Gattuso's performances have been short of passion, something no one would ever except to see.

Carlo has not impressed his fans this season, and once again the fans are calling to see the back of him as well as Dida, whose failure to hold onto the ball saw Celtic score their second late into the game.

The players somehow need to find that winning mentality and remember that feeling of joy when winning. Last season's triumph now feels like it was a long time ago.


Pat said…
didas dive was a digrace
Milanista said…
Dam Straught. Not acceptble at all
ginkers said…
I think it will be key to see how Milan do when the really crunch games come around.

Just the same, they sold all their fans who tuned in or made the trip to Glasgow short. That was a long way off a European Champion performance.
Pat said…
im extremely concerned that the situation will be so bad by the time crunch games come that we'll just get walloped
Milanista said…
It is just annceptable. I am tired of seeing them play this. The team is practically the same as last year, there is no reason why they should be playing like this
diavolo said…
> The team is practically the same as last year, there is no reason why they should be playing like this

I completely agree. I would (of course) have watched the Celtic game if they had shown it live here, but I'm actually glad now that I missed it. I do think that we'll do what we need to do in the CL games that matter, but that's no excuse for our endless string of 1-1 draws and 2-1 losses (CL and league).
Milanista said…
Yeah, Milan have always found away of getting out of these tricky situations and the C.L we are always working harder in so we can do just enough to get throught, but if Milan don't win the c.l they still need to be doing well in the league and right now it isn't working.

Just like Diavolo said, I, too, am tired of Milan only scoring one goal a game and having endless 1-1 and 2-1 losses, this is unacceptable!
Pat said…
no matter how many cl's we win i still think it ridiculous that we could potentially have failed to win the Serie A for 4 years!!! with no real hope of breaking the drought

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