Ambrosini to be Maldini's heir

Massimo Ambrosini has been announced as the new Milan captain read an official announcement on Milan's Official Website. This "handing over of the armband" comes after the retirement of Paolo Maldini who lead the team for many years in his 24 year spell at the club.

The midfielder has been at the club for 15 years and was always used by Ancelotti as Maldini's vice but now it is his turn to lead the rossoneri and he is no doubt a happy man.

"I'm really excited and proud. Paolo Maldini's inheritance is very important. I thank him for what he was to me and us all. I feel very lucky to hold the captain's armband of Milan." said Ambrosini in his first press conference as Milan Captain.

Ambrosini also had a few words to mention on his new Coach Leornardo: "In us there's just great enthusiasm and we cannot wait to start working with the new coach." And his predessor: "Paolo Maldini? The charisma that he managed to transmit with just his presence was worth more than a thousand words."

These undoubtedly huge boots to fill but if anyone knows this team as well as Maldini it is Ambrosini and he will stop at nothing get this team back on track. Only time will tell...

In Bocca Al Lupo Ambro!


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