It has been a while since the last post and apologies are all around. It has been a hectic month as University has commenced and naturally the work has flooded in.

Plans were made to write about the Serie B quintet who fell from grace into the hallows of Lega Pro. In a matter of a week Pisa, Avellino, Treviso, Venezia and Sambenedettese all declared themselves bankrupt and were dropped into Serie C2, showing an increasing sign of the economic times.

There is however a continuous concern that has played on the back of the mind throughout the past few weeks and that is Milan's inability or unwillingness to put their money where their mouth is. This ongoing battle between Sevilla and Milan has seen Luis Fabiano drift further away from the rossoneri; practically ruling out any possibility of signing the Brazilian star.

It is as if Adriano Galliani and co. don't seem to care about how Milan do this season and in case they haven't realised they need to do really well to put their name back on the map and clear those debts.

If all fails this year Leonardo will be the one to be blamed never mind the fact that he has practically no fresh resources available . It's definitely time to get things sorted at the Milanello as this transfer season has been even more shocking than the previous years.


ginkers said…
Don't lose heart entirely, Milan still have a strong squad but the summer signings have not been worthy of a team with their reputation.

There will be huge pressure on Leonardo from the word go but he looks the kind of guy who will be able to cope with it.

However, if Berlusca has genuinely lost interest it would be better for all if he sold up, bring a great era to an end and let someone else take the reins.

After all, nobody - not even the Prime Minister - is bigger than Milan...
Milanista said…
As you said their signing have not been worthy and I fear that they won't be making any major signings at all. Watching them play against Chelsea saw that they had a lot of factors missing in certain areas and we need new players fill those areas.

I have faith in Leo, and I am really glad we chose him but I hope Milan have enough depth in that squad to get through the season with success.

True about Berlusconi but I don't think he will sell, not that I want him to either. I just wish he can chip in with some extra cash every once in a while...

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