Derby Disgrace!

The defeat hurts, and it hurts hard. How can any Milanista accept a 4-0 drubbing by their most bitter and oldest rivals, Inter? This defeat will cause indigestion for months and the heart ache will continue until revenge is achieved.

Mourinho made vital change to the side that played against Bari, which saw him introduce new signing Sneijder right from the off. While Leonardo, content with the team that beat Siena last weekend, kept the same line-up and leaving the available Huntelaar on the bench.

Milan started off well but found themselves reverting
back into their old lacklustre ways, allowing for a fast paced Inter to capitalise on the rossoneri's faults. Seeing Thiago Motta, Milito, Maicon, and Stankovic all hitting the back of the net.

The second goal came from a Gattuso foul on Samuel Eto'o whose strength and stature proved to much for the captain.
But it was minutes later where Gattuso was involved for all the wrong reasons. His passion got the better of him and made a horrible tackle in the midfield and was sent off for receiving a second yellow.

The last minute of the first half saw Maicon slot home the nerazzurri's third goal of the evening. Making the rossoneri's evening even more humiliating.

The second half saw a much slower tempo by the players seeing Milan playing while Inter tried to hit back on the counter attack. Though not much had to be said for the rossoneri as they just couldn't beat the numerical advantage of Inter. And just as they thought that things couldn't get much worse Stankovic shot home an absolute beauty to send the nerazzurri top for the evening.

A horrid display by the rossoneri, showing that a lot more work is still to be done by Leonardo and the boys. Hopefully things can't get much worse than this defeat for Milanisti.


ginkers said…
The end of an era for Milan. Time to start a new chapter, I reckon. All the old guard out - maybe Berlusconi first - and a new generation to come in.

Ronaldinho can't cut it at this level any more and to persevere with him smacks of desperation.
Milanista said…
Couldn't agree with you more. They definitely need to start off a new. It's getting beyond ridiculous now.

Regarding 'Dinho, said it when he joined he has past his prime and there is no way we can rely on a party animal, who is edging the 30 mark to lead and carry the team.

Huge reshuffle needs to be done, and once again another transfer season has gone to waste.

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