Blog Break

As one can tell the articles have been few and far between and I only feel that it's right to call for a blog break. I am experiencing a horrible case of writers block and haven't been able to write or finish any article I begin with.

Hopefully this blockage is only temporary but I cannot tell when I will be back. I do hope that a win against Marseille in the Champions League will inspire me to write some more but the lack of winning- amongst other things- has left me uninspired and at a loss for words.

Regular updates on the scores and logs will still occur on Milan's Curva Sud but there will be fee articles. Hopefully this won't discourage the faithful readers of the Curva Sud. Best of luck and may the best team win.

A presto...


ginkers said…
Super Pippo has given you your first tonic!
Milanista said…
hehe The win has certainly helped but I am still struggling. Writers block sucks
Anonymous said…
Hi man

It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

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