Kaladze Gives Azzurri Victory!

What was meant to be an international comeback and a comeback to football itself (after being out for six months) turned into a nightmare for the Georgian Kaladze as he scored two own goals give Italy victory.The 2-0 win has put Lippi and his men into the driving seat for qualification for the World Cup and a win at home against Bulgaria will secure a spot to 2010.

However despite the win Milan fans experienced heart break as their faithful defender netted the two goals that brought joy to the Azzurri supporters' faces. These goals come at the worst possible time for Kaladze as his career has already been put under a microscope by Leonardo and company as Milan debate whether to keep him or not.

It is still unsure if this performance will make or break Kaladze's role in the back line of the rossoneri as he is yet to play a game under new coach Leonardo.

With regards to Italy, the Azzurri are still yet to score a goal since their 3-1 triumph over the USA in South Africa in June. This is undoubtedly a team that is struggling to match up to the Azzurri side of 2006. While the average age is forever a topic of debate when it comes to the men Lippi chooses.

More work has to be done on the Azzurri side should they stand any hope of doing well in defending their World Cup title next year. Bulgaria beckons and this is the time to set things right!


ginkers said…
Poor Kaladze but I hope his Bulgarian cousin is playing tonight!

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