Kaladze Hype!

To be honest I am not quite sure what all the hype is about Kakha Kaladze's possible change in his defensive position. Galliani stated in yesterday's press conference that Kaladze was asked if he would be happy to play in a left back position -rather than his preferred central position- and as usual the Georgian was ready to accept in order to help the team.

Quite frankly Kaladze is more than a proven left-back as he has played in that role on numerous occasions for the rossoneri and has always delivered the goods. Should the need occur Kaladze has always been willing to play in any role.

His change in position has also brought about an increase in speculation that Jankulovski could be on his way out as Leonardo doesn't seem to be convinced of the Czech's capabilities any longer. However, Jankulovski could be used on the left flank in the midfield should wingers be incorporated in Leo's new tactics.

In the end no matter what position Kaladze plays he is more than capable of that role and it's players like Favalli that should be departing rather than Kaladze or Jankulovski. These players still have much to offer the side and it's not only the left back position that isn't delivering the goods; it's the majority of the team!


ginkers said…
I think everything Milan do at the moment is going to be put under the microscope just now. But, you're right, no reason why he shouldn't be able to play there.

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