Four Milan Players Future In Doubt

At the end of each football season teams start thinking about transfers and contract renewals of their various players within the club as they look to release the one's that disappointed and extend the players they believe are worthy. With regards to Milan's contracts there is a lot more to it.

Come the end of this season big names such as Clarence Seedorf, Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Nesta and Massimo Ambrosini all see their contracts expire and the futures of each of these Rossoneri are uncertain.

After spending 14 years at the Via Turati outfit and been given the honour as captain, Massimo Ambrosini now finds himself without a contract at the end of the season. There is little doubt that the midfielder, who has been out of action for the majority of this season, will most likely find himself signing an extension in the next few weeks.
However there are other player's future that remain in doubt.

Strong speculations about a return to Holland or a possible move to Brazil have circulated around Milanello. The Dutchman has had an impressive season with Milan and will surely depart with his head held high after all his loyal years of service.

Whilst the ever daunting question that every player never wants to confront but inevitably has to is one of retirement. Alessandro Nesta is the player who is facing the possibility of ending his successful career. After hinting in February that retirement is possible the central defender is unsure of whether or not to extend with the Rossoneri for another year, return to his old club Lazio or just retire.

Following several years of heavy injuries it will come as no shock that the pillar in defence will want to end his career. The 2006 World Cup winner certainly has another year in him but should he extend his contract he may have to face a possible pay cut.

The pay cuts facing Nesta and Pirlo are due to Milan trying to save funds in order to buy new players unfortunately this pay cut has left Pirlo's future in the greatest doubt.

Courted by Juventus the midfield play maker is waiting to see whether the Galliani will offer him a new contract that would suit him. Fans are stressed over Pirlo's possible departure and feel that he has several good years still in him.

It will be an interesting month in Milanello as the Diavoli look to secure their 18th Scudetto and finalise several player contracts.


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