Lecco 0- 4 Milan!!!!

Milan cruised to a 4-0 victory in their first game of the their preseason preparations against Lecco. The task certainly was not a difficult one for the European Champions, but last season Milan only managed a 1-0 win with a goal by the Dutchman, Clarence Seedorf.

Seedorf once again proved to be pivotal in the game today, by getting two assists and a goal. However, it was Ronie who lit up the score board first, as he netted the only goal in the first half. The Brazilian has been working hard throughout the holidays and he certainly proved that he is getting into shape.

After the break the magnificent Kaka extended the rossoneri's lead, followed by goals from Christian Brocchi and Clarance Seedorf. This win will certainly play a part to boost the confidence of the players, as four goals scored and none conceded leaves many smiles on the players' faces.



ginkers said…
You must be starved of football if you celebrate a win over Lecco!

Still, if it leads to another Champions League humiliation of the English, I wont be complaining.
Milanista said…
lol, of course i am starved, But Tuesday is where the magic mst happen. If i win boosts their confidence i am all for it. Even if it is against little old lecco

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