What will be in store for Milan next season?

With Milan as the current European champions and no calciopoli deductions inhibiting their chances of winning the scudetto next season, many will be favoring the rossoneri to obtain another trophy next season. But we all know there is always some twist to the fairytale stories of Milan and we never quite know what will happen next.

With Juventus, Napoli and Genoa back in Serie A and with the likes of Fiorentina and Lazio without calciopoli deductions the odds of obtaining the scudetto will be tough, as many teams will now have a good chance in obtaining the league title. Once again Inter will be clear favorites to win “lo scudetto”, but who knows what will happen now that the Serie A giants have returned and no calciopoli deductions to increase their chances.

However, even if Milan have won 17 scudetti their main objective is always the most prestigious club championship in Europe and that is the UEFA Champions League. This is where Milan always plays their best football, and this is their home. No other club has been as consistent in Europe as Milan have in recent years, and as some would say the Champions League is in their DNA. They proved this last season, as when all looked dead and buried at the first half of the season, Milan bounced back and proved the impossible and defied all the odds to take home their 7th Champions League trophy, as well as taking revenge on Liverpool.

But what will be in store for Milan? As the transfer market carries on Milan look once again to keep their experienced team rather than add changes to the squad, of the so called “oldies”. But wasn’t it those oldies that won the Champions League? Milan have proved time and time again that age is just a number and their Captain Paolo Maldini is a good example. At the age of 38 he lifted his 5th Champions League trophy and lasted the full 90mins of the final, whilst playing with a knee injury.

As Milan are the current champions of Europe they will look to avoid the latest trend of European winners by being knocked out early in the competition. Barcelona, Liverpool, and Porto have all fallen in the early stages, but none of them quite host the pedigree as Milan do in the Champions League. However, with a busy season ahead for the rossoneri, it will be tough to compete for everything, but nothing is impossible for “I Diavoli” provided the team remain confident and injury free.

Milan looks all set to keep round about the same team they had throughout last season. Ronaldo will be able to play in the Champions League which opens up more possibilities in attack. However, Galliani has said that Oliviera will be sacrificed and a new forward will be brought in, but none such changes has happened just yet. Names such as Ronaldinho, Eto’o Pato, Cassano have all been linked with the Via Turati outfit, the latter being the most recent. But deals with Real Madrid look unlikely as they have been harassing Milan for Kaka and now the rossoneri are reluctant in making deals with the Spanish Champions.
Digao, Kaka’s brother, has been brought in to replace the retired Costacurta and to help settle Kaka at Milan.
In the midfield, Milan are mostly covered, but Emerson and Edmilson where also rumored as a back up to the in-form Ambrosini, who is highly injury prone.


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