Up date on the "Rosa"

Many have complained about Milan's transfer market a lot this summer and it is understandable. Billy Costacurta had left leaving a whole in the defence after 23 years of wearing the rossoneri shirt. No one of any great significance was brought in to rebuff the defense but it has now come to be known, that Digao has been added in Milan's team, after spending two seasons on loan to Rimini. While Matteo Darmian has graduated form the primavera team and he now finds himself in the first team. Digao has yet to feature for Milan, however Darmian has had a handful of serie A games under his belt, and even made the bench for a few Champions League games for the rossoneri.

While in midfield some alterations have taken place, though none particularly fantastic as some fans would say. The return of Ibraham Ba came as a shock to all as the Senegalese has been out of action for some time now. Kaka has also been moved from being a midfielder to a forward, but will most likely maintain the role of the "trequartista"

The fans have more to complain though, by Milans lack of signings up-front after loaning both Borriello and Oliveira to Genoa and Zaragoza respectively. There have been endless names that have been rumoured to Milan, but none seem to be coming, unless one counts Pato who can only join in January. Baptista is the main man to be brought in according to the press, but a signing is yet to be seen.Milan's Trofeo Berlusconi hero, Willy Aubameyang, has followed in the steps of Darmian and has also graduated to the first team from the Primavera side. He too also featured in a few Serie A games for Milan, but he won the fans over with his late winner against Juventus in January.However the fans are still holding their breath for some new fresh blood in the Milan attack, but maybe they will just have to wait until January.


ginkers said…
I don't see why Milan need to go crazy on the signing front. One big name striker and they would have a highly competitive squad for all competitions.
Milanista said…
No agreed, I just think we need a forward and maybe a defender to fill in Billy's boots, but Milan did bring in Darmian (who was highly rated a few years back but is still very young) and Digao that i don't know too much about. I say give them a 6 months "trial" amd we will see how they go and if need be someone can be brought in in January.

And Ibrahim Ba was just so random.
Milanista said…
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