Digao joins Milan, could this be the key to keep Kaka at Milan?

Kaka’s younger brother has expressed his desire to play for last season’s European Champions, Milan. Milan’s site had a statement from Rodrigo Leite or Digao as he preferred to be named, stating his desire to play for the rossoneri as well as declaring his admiration for the Via Turati legend, Captain Paolo Maldini. Milan also hinted that he would be playing for Milan next season; however, an “official announcement” is yet to be released on their official website.

Should Digao join the rossoneri, Milan will be once again fulfilling another one of Kaka’s dreams. Kaka has expressed on numerous occasions that one of his dreams was to play alongside his brother professionally, and Milan can once again provide him with that desire.

Milan signed him at a younger age, and he joined the Milan Primavera (the youth team), in 2005 Milan sent him on loan to Rimini- who had recently been promoted to Serie B football- he spent two years there and may just join Milan for the next season.

Digao will hope to boost Milan’s defense as Milan saw the retirement of Billy Costacurta after 23 years at the club. However, Milan could not only bring him in just to boost the defense they could bring him into to help keep Kaka in the rossoneri shirt.

Rumours of a possible move to the Spanish capital have been circulating more constantly. And with Kaka repeatedly expressing his desire to one day play for the galatico’s has left Milan worried. A move to the Bernabeau is bound to happen for the Brazilian, but it’s more of a matter of when will he leave.

The fact that Digao has been brought into the team, could help keep Kaka at bay for the time being. Kaka is an extremely important asset to Milan’s success in recent years, and seeing him leave will be a huge loss to them. With Digao at Milan, it could help put Kaka’s mind at ease and many hope that he will stay, at least, to see the end of his contract.

Many will be hoping, should Digao join, that he will be just as a hit as his magical- brother is on the field, and with the fans. He is still young and he still has time to develop into a world champion like Kaka. If he is blessed with some of Kaka’s ability, it could be an interesting season once again.


Pat said…
Im not so sure that Kaka will one day play for Madrid. If he did ask to leave one day I wouldn't be suprised if they said ok, but you cant go to Madrid. They'd probably sell to Barca and try and get Ronaldinho in return.

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