Back to Milanello, and no one new!

Tomorrow Milan will commence their summer training camp at Milanello, where they will have their first training session since over two months and the new shirts will be unveiled. It has been a long well-deserved holiday for the rossoneri who last year suffered a week long holiday after the World Cup. Ancelotti, Tassoti and the newly appointed Costacurta will work hard to prepare the team in the best way possible, seeing as Milan will take part in six tournaments this season.

The Transfer Market- New Players:
Has practically been non-existent for Milan, and many are begining to feel anxious and annoyed, as the European Champions are yet to by a player. Milan are yet to announce that a player has joined the Via Turati outfit, however suggestion's of Kaka's brother, Digao, will play for Milan next season. He will try and replace the unforgettable Billy Costacurta.

Another strong rumour suggests that Milan have brought back Ibrahim Ba, who has been out of professional football for a few seasons now, and many can understand why the Milanisti have not been left smiling with this supposed transfer.

However, no official announcements have been made on these players as yet.

This summer transfer period has seen players leave but none coming in to Milanello. The first to leave on loan to Siena was Grimi. Milan have opted to loan him out so the young-Argentine can gain Serie A experience as he battled to find space in the starting line-up.

Borriello has gone to Genoa, but details on this transfer is yet to be revealed as Milan have once again not announced whether a player has come or gone. Pictures of Borriello presenting Genoa's new shirt confirmed the transfer.

One transfer that Milan did announce was the departure of the struggling Brazilian, Oliveira. Oli has a stuggled fulled season, scoring only 3 Serie A goals. It was only right for Milan to loan him out to try an drecapture his form. Oliveira has joined Zaragoza on loan.

And of course as we all know, the beloved Billy Costacurta hung up his boots last season, seeing him play his final match against Udinese, where he netted his 3rd goal of his career from a penalty kick. He will be dearly missed on the field, but at least he joins Milan's coach stuff.


Milan have had many names linked to them in previous season's but none quite like this. With the departure of 2 forwards, and a defender, and Milan are yet to announce they have brought in a new player. Many can only speculate who, if any, join the European Champions.

Pato has been one of the strongest links along with Ronaldinho and Eto'o. However, the latter two have been said to remain at Barcelona, as Galliani has pulled out his bid to try and catch the two stars. Pato however, will most likely join Milan when his age allows him to join a club overseas. The young Brazilian is highly rated by many, and Milan have been following him for a few years now.

The return of Shevchenko has also been a constant rumour that doesn't look like it will go through, as Milan are not willing to pay the amount Chelsea bought him for last June. Though the latest rumour is they will give Chelsea until the end of the month to make a decision on Sheva.
Vanger Love and Baptista are the latest rumours but are also the more constant of all. Italian press do suggest that Baptista will arrive in a few days time. But no one knows as such.

All in all it hasn't been a good transfer season for Milan, seeing the loss of two forwards and a defender some fans have started t worry, as their big-name forward that Galliani has promised to fans for so many years, is still to arrive. The main worry is in attack, with two highly injury-prone forwards (Inzaghi and Ronaldo) and who aren't necessarily young anymore can leave a lot more pressure on Gilardino to deliver the goods, and with six competition to take part in this season.. more depth is needed now more than ever.

Milan's preseason games:
31 Agosto 2007 - ore 20.45 Milan - Siviglia
29 Luglio 2007 - ore 18 Lecco - Milan
3-5 Agosto 2007 - ore 18.30 PSV Eindhoven - Milan
9 Agosto 2007 - ore 21 Real Betis Balompié - Milan
14 Agosto 2007 Milan - Inter - Juventus
17 Agosto 2007 - ore 20.45 Milan - Juventus


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