Italia robbed by the Refs....... again!

As an Azzurri fan I am naturally biased but I am certainly not biased when it comes to the facts, Luca Toni's goals against Romania this evening was certainly onside.

Tonight's goal was not the first time the refs and the linesmen have ruled out a goal or ruled a decision against Italy to change the face of the game for the worse. Luca Toni was in a clear onside position, when he scored just before the half time whistle only for it to ruled offside. But somehow the linesman seemed to think he was offside.

As Donadoni said; "How can the linesman see Panucci playing everyone onside while they don't see Luca Toni's goals as onside?" A good point and one that needs to be looked into, so much so Giancarlo Abete has appealed to UEFA to apologise for their referees mistakes and acknowledge Toni's goal as onside.

If Toni's goal had stood Italy would be in the driving seat to finishing second in the group but once again Italy find themselves, like they have done in previous competitions, being robbed by the referees.

Yes we know they are human but something has to be done, Italy is not the only team that has had to pay the price for bad decisions and this is not a true reflection of the teams capabilities nor fair play.

With all due respect to FIFA and UEFA the rule where Van Nistlerooy's goal stood with Panucci playing the dutch players onside despite being off the field unwillingly is absolute rubbish. That rule has never occurred in any game before Monday but now it has only to justify the referees decision as correct.
Coaches, players and even the linesmen and other referees around the world did not know that rule existed, and that shows how the goal should not have stood until FIFA and UEFA had announced it officially so every person involved in football knew. A player should not be able to play the opposition onside if he is off the field unwillingly....


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