Life goes on...

Unfortunately the Azzurri's time in Austria has come to a close after they were beaten 4-2 on penalties against a resilient Spanish side. Nevertheless, even if they are out the fans are still proud of Donadoni's men.

Despite the obvious disappointments many positives have come out of this tournament and lessons have been learnt.

Giorgio Chiellini's first time in a major tournament for the Azzurri has not gone unnoticed. His performances in the centre-back position were world-class considering he had to full in the role the missing Cannavaro and disappointing Materazzi. The Juventus defender has shown an immense amount of promise over the past few years but his maturity has clearly shone through when needed.

The Italian refs are still regarded as one of the best in the world, even after the calciopoli scandals, as Roberto Rossetti will have the honour in refereeing the final of the Euro. His control over the intense Switzerland and Turkey game impressed UEFA and he was selected after being the favourite to referee the final of the 2006 World Cup if Italy had not made it that far.Therefore; there will definitely be an Italian in the final regardless.

Hopefully the players have learnt that in order to win they need to work as a unit and be 110% commited and aware. "La Voglia" wasn't there against Spain but hopefully it will return like it did against France.

After all the Italians are not World Champions for nothing, and they still have two more years of bragging rights so let the bragging continue!

Until the next tournament... FORZA ITALIA!!


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