Zambrotta returns home

Milan's revolution has just began as Gianluca Zambrotta has become one of the first major signings, along with Matieu Flamini, for Milan this summer.

Zambrotta completed his transfer from Spanish club Barcelona late last night after months of negotiations with the Spanish giants. It has been well known that the diavoli had been following the former Juventus player and it was finally announced last night that the rossoneri had signed the versatile fullback.

The exact deal is still unknown but suspicions are that Zambro has signed a three-year deal with Milan a transfer that he surely is happy about.

The world cup winner has stated on several occasions that he wanted to return home to Italy, as his family are clearly unsettled in Barcelona, and he wanted a return to his old city, Milan, where he was born.

Zambrotta is currently preparing for this year's Euro tournament with the Azzurri which will be hosted in Austria and Switzerland where he will play alongside his new teammates Andrea Pirlo, Gennaro Gattuso, and Massimo Ambrosini and his ex-Juventus teammates.

Welcome Zambrotta!!


ginkers said…
A solid signing, I reckon, although I don't think he is quite the player he was a couple of years ago. Nonetheless, an important building block in creating the New Milan.
Milanista said…
It's true, Zambrotta isn't the player he sued to be and surely doesn't have the same legs but he can certainly be vital for Milan with his versatility. we can now have a decent rotation system going provided no major injuries occur again.
patcook said…
Good short term signing.
Would like to see us sign a young fullback. Another guy like Grimi who we could loan out and hope he comes good.

Milan could have an all Italian defence next season. Abbiati between the sticks Zambro and Oddo on the flanks, Nesta and Bonera in the centre?

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