Disgraceful Serbia

Last night saw a very sad night for Serbian football at the Marassi stadium in Genoa, in what was meant to be a Euro 2012 qualifying match between Italy and Serbia, turned into a Serbian hooligan row.

The start of the match was delayed due to the hooligan protests but was later started after calm seem to had struck. However; six minutes into the game flares and fireworks were being thrown onto the field leaving referee Craig Thomson no choice but to call-off the game.

The calling off of the game leaves the Serbian squad in a bad position as the Azzurri were awarded a 3-0 victory and the three points while Serbia will probably have to play behind closed doors for the return leg at least. This result also favours the Azzurri allowing them to move up to the top of Group C on seven points.

Not only did the fans cause trouble on the field but prior to the match they raided the Serbian team bus. Fireworks were thrown at Valdimir Stojkovic who was immidiatley taken to hospital; fortunately his injuries have been reported as "not serious".

Riots errupted outside the stadium too as the Serbian fans exited the stadium, with reports that a policeman, a Serbian and another person were taken to hospital.

The scenes seen at the stadium are shocking to football fans and has put a dark cloud around football for a while. In a game that is meant to unite people left the children, and spectators at the stadium feeling scared and worried for the safety.

Fortunately the leader of the hooligans has been arrested.


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