Interview: Nicola Caricola on Football Italia

To live in South Africa means that the odds of coming across a big international football star ( or someone involved in the Beautiful game), being past and present, are few and far between. However; several years ago my family and I had the great pleasure of meeting Nicola Caricola and becoming a close friend of his.

Relatively unknown to the football followers of today, Caricola was a highly respected player in his day and was most worshipped for his years of endless hard work he played for at Genoa.
Caricola started off his career in Bari, his hometown, in which he was snapped up by other clubs eventually seeing him land up at Juventus in the early 80's. With Juventus he won all the titles possible including the Champions League which is most remembered as the Heysel disaster; seeing fan violence erupt and many fans dead.

Being an aspring journalist it only seemed natural that Caricola would be my ever football interview. He kindly sat down with me, several weeks back, and answered a few of my questions.

It is with great pleasure to have it published on the "Football Italia" website.

I hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said…
come to Croatian blog about Milan. :D

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