Disgraceful Gattuso.

Ah Milan oh Gattuso, what are we going to do with you? After tonight's game I find myself confused, angry, disheartened and above all down right disappointed. It is not the fact that Milan failed to beat Tottenham but rather the antics that when down on the field.

Gattuso was a total and utter disgrace to Italian football and to the side he claims to love so much. After having the camera pick up his slash to the throat to one of the Tottenham officials, he was lucky to have that action go unnoticed by the French referee. With that gesture the 'Bulldog' should have been sent off straight away but he lived to tell another tale.

His disgusting antics continued throughout the match as he continuously picked fights with the Tottenham players, in particular Peter Crouch, and the referee. After a rough tackle the referee finally decided to lay down the law and book the Calabrian.

A good decision but in reality he should have been sent off ages ago. One would think that he would have calmed down after receiving the card and try and take a hold of the leadership role but that was not to be the case as he continued to put Milan's name in disgrace.

His woeful play and his persistence in trying to cause an argument finally saw a brawl erupt; come the final whistle in which, Gattuso took several swipes at the Spurs officials and players.

These were disgusting and quite frankly embarrassing sights to see as a Milan fan and a neutral.

The midfielder has always been renowned for his 'grinta' and passion but he has finally over stepped the line. He played with no intention to lead his side to victory. All he did was argue and not only embarrass himself but his teammates too and it is with his shocking behaviour that saw Milan suffer a loss and will have to travel to the White Hart Lane with an even more depleted side.

It saddens me to think that someone; with so much experience and so many titles, who holds the respect of a whole nation and more can lose his reputation in one swift movement. I hate to say it but Ringhio needs to be banned from Europe for at least five games and should never be allowed to wear the Rossoneri arm band ever again.

Milan are not a rough team by nature. They usually respect their opponents and play with style and passion, Gattuso just destroyed all Milan stood for.

I am totally and completely gutted by tonight's game and feel that Milan do not deserve to go through to the next round. Tottenham came to the San Siro to win and so they did. Credit to Redknapp and his boys.


Anonymous said…
Well said. Really great and honest. And you are right, my sympathy for Milan is gone thanks to that idiot.
Marc said…
First of all it was not his behavior that caused the loss at the san siro, it was a bad pass in the midfield, and a great counter attack. If you are a Milan fan you would not use that type of languageand digraceful remarks. I understand that Gattuso was wrong and i believe he does as well. At the end of the day we all know how he is and how he acts, is heart is big and he's all about Italian football and Ac Milan. Foraz Milan for life, foraz Gattuso.
Milanista said…
First of all Marc, I never once said that Gattuso's antic were the cause of the loss. I know what was the cause, I watched the game.

I am simply saying that Gattuso's behaviour was totally appualing and a man of his experience- especially with the captains armband- should not have acted in that way.

I have always admired Gattuso's passion but even I can admit that he over stepped the line on Tuesday evening!! Unfortunately Gattuso will no be remembered by most for what happened against Tottenham and not his other achievements. It just goes to show how one bad mood can ruin everything you have faught for in your career. Zidane is a prime example.
Marc said…
I completely understand what you are saying. He recieved his well deserved ban and now Milan have to work hard next match in England to move forward.

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