Gattuso Recieves Four Match Ban

Following the disturbing incidents that followed after the game against Tottenham Hotspur last Tuesday; UEFA and the board have come to an agreement that Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso will be banned for four matches.

This decision comes after Gattuso was found to have verbally and physically assaulted Spur's assistant coach Joe Jordan during and after the game which subsequently saw the Rossoneri loose.

The ex-Rangers player had received a caution during the game due to a foul on Crouch and was set to be suspended for the next game, in addition; his inexcusable actions have resulted in him receiving a larger ban.

Should Milan find a way to make it through to the final, they will be without their vice-captain all the way.

have stated that an appeal may be made within three days of the Committees decision however; it is unlikely that the ban will be reduced.


Michelangelo said…
Also because in agreement with the player, the club has decided not to appeal. They considering that decision a matter of style
Milanista said…
I think that is a great decision by Milan and Gattuso not to appeal. they accepted he did wrong and he must now pay out his debts. Well done to them.

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