Ambrosini, Kaká and Gilardino destroy Lazio, as the rossoneri get back to winning ways.

Milan managed to claim their second Serie A victory this evening as they crushed Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico with an emphatic 5-1 win over the Romans with goals by Ambrosini and tww each from Kaká and Gilardino.

The win comes after much criticism as the rossoneri have failed to win since the opening game of the season, against Genoa, in August.

Following an embarrassing defeat to Celtic during midweek Milan really needed to bounce back, and they did so in fine fashion. No one was expecting such a triumph, maybe it was Dida's errors that forced Milan to wake up or President Silvio Berlusconi's words saying that this is the worst crisis Milan had been in since he bought the club in the 80's. Whatever it was, Milan looked good and hopefully they can continue like this.

The game was inspired by a fantastic Ambrosini goal, that sent Milan on the way, but minutes later Lazio equalised through a goal by Mauri. But on the brink of half time Kaká slotted home his 4th penalty of the season and his 5th goal to put the Via Turati outfit in the lead.
Kaká opened the scoring in the second half, with a fantastic turn to slot it home past the young inexperienced goalkeeper, Muslera, and to extend the European Champions' lead.

Along with Kaká, Gilardino also inspired the Rossoneri to get back on track as he had a goal disallowed in the first half, but he bounced back with two great goals to put the game beyond a doubt.

Gilardino is the first of the rossoneri forwards to score so far this season, and his brace is one that will hopefully silence the angry fans that have recently been booing him and Dida at the San Siro.

His goals have come as a huge relief to Milan and himself after much criticism, and last season he had to wait as long as the 9th game to get his first goal of the season while, this time it has come in the 7th round of the campaign. This will no doubt be a confidence booster for him and his teammates and he will surely go on to score more!


Pat said…
has Gila got rid of his violin? i only saw highlights but didn't see him doing his thing
Milanista said…
He has changed his celebration nsince last year. Now he salutes the fans... the ones that always believed in him.

His celebrations are ones with more passio and meaning to it though, I would like to see the violin again one day
Ciao Milanista

Ive just found youre blog tonight-brilliant.I am Milanista in Scotland and am now a Season ticket holder for San Siro!
Some of us were lucky enough to be in Athens for the famous victory. Last week we welcomed many Milanista to Glasgow and had a great time despite the result.Visit our website at
Mighty fine result last night and I was so very happy for Gila not only to score but also to score two fine goals.
Milan ARE back.
Milanista said…
Hey thanks, I will be sure to check out your site.
You are lucky you managed to see our rossoneri triumph in Athens, it must have been amazing.
It was a great result, I always kept the faith in Gila and I am glad he is scoring now, the only sad thing is that there is a break now, but maybe he will score against Bilbao.
Anna Italia said…
Not only was a spectacular return from AC MILAN, but also a superb return from Alberto Gilardino.

Indeed, you are right."Gilardino also inspired the Rossoneri to get back on track." AWESOME.

Did you see how the entire team and the bench celebrated with Gilardino? It was a KODAK moment!
diavolo said…
Bravo Gila!

He is still and will always be "il salva vita", as Milan's Youtube site once called him. It's as if he is somehow fated to be the one who rises up and saves Milan when we need it most, in spite of all the unfair and ridiculous criticism he always receives.

Grazie Alberto... just in time, as always!
Milanista said…
At Anna, it was certainly a memorable moment when the whole team ran to Gila. It proves what his goals meant to Milan and them supporting him all the way helps him too iwth his confidence. I can't wait to see more of his goals...

@ Diavolo, You are right, it is like Gila has some sort of fate that he will always rise up to the occassion and save Milan when it is needed most. As you say: "Just in time, as always" Couldn't have put it better myself!

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