Stam retires :(

Jaap Stam announced his immediate retirement today at the age of 35 after a fantastic career. He stated in his press conference today that there was no more "determination and drive".
His retirement comes soon after the death of his father, who passed away last week, and many feel that that was the point that convinced Stam to call it quits.
The Dutchman has also been suffering from a lot of injuries at late and has struggled to find full fitness. "I am not a player that can play at 50%. I have never done that. I am disappointed in myself that I can no longer motivate myself ."

He has had a career that has been filled with European Glory which saw him win the treble with Man Utd, and another Champions League trophy with current European Champions; Milan. He also grabbed a domestic title with the Italians.

Stam has surely had an unforgettable career and he will not be forgotten by football fans.



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