Dida handed two match ban

Nelson Dida has been handed a two -match ban following his collapse against Celtic last Wednesday in Milan's 2-1 loss to Celtic.

Dida was struck by a fan, who invaded the pitch during the celebrations of Celtic's second goal, he turned around and run after the fan but only to fall down moments later.

Punishment was expected after the Brazilians dramatic fall, as he broke the rule of Article 5 in the code of behaviour.

The rossoneri will be without Dida for both of the games against Shakhtar and they will be hoping that Australian Kalac can fill Dida's shoes.

Celtic, too, were investigated and they have been fined £25 000 for 'poor organisation of their fans' and they will also be monitored closely by UEFA for the next two years.

In other news, Dida will not make tomorrow's trip to play a friendly against Bilbao providing Kalac with some game time to get match fit for Milan's vital Champions League encounters against the Ukrainians.

Maldini and Serginho have been been included in the squad but there is still no Ronaldo who is expected to play against Empoli in 11 days time.
The starting line-up will be:
Kalac, Cafu, Nesta, Maldini, Favalli, Serginho, Brocchi, Emerson, Gourcuff, Gilardino and Pato.


I am not too surprised about Dida's ban but the (lack of) punishment for the Ceptic fans is ludicrous.Remember that the whole incident was started by a fan invading the pitch.One could argue that Dida had a flashback to the flare incident or he panicked.There is nothing to say that he attempted to gain advantage by falling over- we do not know what his aims were?How can UEFA speculate?It is very different to a player trying to gain a penalty or get an opposition player sent off.
On the other hand a supporter encroaching onto the field of play and gaining contact with an opposition player must be viewed seriously.
This evening in Scotland four youths ran onto the park in the U-21 international.Would they have done that if they thought the team may be forced to have points docked or to play behind closed doors?UEFA have set a dangerous precendent!
Pat said…
I think both got off easy. Unfortunately for Dida, I thought he was going to get a big penalty not just because of his actions but because of the current attitudes toward foul play and por sportsmanship.

i cant believe Celtics fine. 25000? that lose change for a CL cub! they'll make 500-1000 times that in revenue from the CL alone this year.
Ricardo15 said…
I just want to see what Dida says about the incident the next time the press ask him about it. Has Dida issued a press release with his version or "it was a mistake" like the rest of the Milan players have said?
Milanista said…
Dida hasn't has any interviews, he never does interviews so I will be shocked to see if he does one.
Milan are however, appealing against the two match ban. Hopefully they can get it to one
ginkers said…
With his recent performances being taken into account, maybe losing Dida for a couple of games is not so bad.

However, I do think Celtic got off quite lightly. I guess UEFA must have taken into account what the fan actually did, not what he might have done.
Ricardo15 said…
AC Milan need to take the punishment and not appeal. If it was wrong let "Dida take the 2 match ban like a man." He might not do interviews but he owes the milan fans and other football fans at least a positive reassuring message. I have a feeling Kalac will be exceptional and step up to the plate.
Anna Italia said…
Ciao milanista, looking forward to hear your comments on DIDA's verdict.

You are right. DIDA usually does not make interviews. However, I think it will be wiser for him to do at least one. After all, Milan are backing him up and several top players, such as Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon.
Milanista said…
Dida has only really had tow bad games, and I am still not too confident with Kalac. THis is the exact reason why we should have gone for Amelia last year.

I agree with you Anna, he should at least make one interview but he is bringing this on himself no one else. I doubt we will hear an appology from Dida
Pat said…
i think its wiser for Dida to keep quiet and accept whatever punishment and criticism is handed his way.

An apology would be too susceptible to people distorting it to make him look bad.

Hopefully he just works extra hard to restore his name as much as possible.
Milanista said…
On Tuttosprt today it apparently says that he is refusng to give an apology... oh well. Didn't expect anything more than that anyway.

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