Cesare Prandelli: The Right Man For The Job

When Marcello Lippi was brought back into the National set-up, to replace a disappointing Donadoni, it was only because there was no other decent enough Italian coach available to lead the squad at that given times. Since the end of this season however; two very highly talented and respected have seen themselves become somewhat available: Cesare Prandelli and Luciano Spalletti.

Spalletti, released from Roma following their disappointing to the campaign found himself coaching prisoners and then moved on to Zenit which saw him lead the squad to the Russian Cup final and subsequently win it.

Having done wonders with the giallorossi over the past few years, Luciano knows how to win. He is able to bring out the best in players at his disposal and is fearless in trying out unknown talent much like Prandelli.

This awareness to implement the youth was a trait that Marcello Lippi and the older Italian coaches fail to do so often. At the World Cup in South Africa, we saw Lippi chosen practically the same team as in previous years, he played players that were out of form because their history outshone their current situation, and refused to adapt new formations or bring in other players. This was his ultimate failing and as a result the Azzurri's too.

With Prandelli hired as new coach, one can only look at the positives in what he has done for the Viola and think that he is the right man to replace Lippi.

Undoubtedly there is a huge task to be done for Prandelli but he has the ability to create a side worthy of wearing the National shirt. His new theory of "meritocracy" is something that should be applied to every team, but which failed to meet the reigning World Champions side, Lippi chose players based on the past and not how their current form was.

With this theory Prandelli will look to revolutionise the team by choosing players who are performing at the very best of their abilities. This will allow for new players to be brought in leaving everyone excited about a possible return for Antonio Cassano?

At Fiorentina, Prandelli found a system that worked for Montolivo, which saw Cesare bring out the very best in the youngster. However; in the World Cup he was put into a position that saw him overrun by other players, he was often left standing in the middle of the park clueless and drifting into spaces that saw him cut short of showing the world his creative abilities.

It is clear that Prandelli has a vision for the squad, and although it might be early days, one can't help but feel excited about the new era that is about to commence. Prandelli just might be the right man for the job.


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