Oddo For Another Year!

Rumours about a possible departure have been put to an end as Massimo Oddo has added an extra year onto his contract with the club.

The right-back is the second player in a week, along with Cristian Abbiati, to sign a contract extension in which his original contract saw him belong to the club until 2011.

This extension has put a halt to the rumours of a possible return to the Capital from which he joined the Milan based club in 2007.

After falling out of favour with Leonardo last season and failing to impress when given the opportunity by the Brazilian coach; many fans are upset at the renewal.

This renewal also comes at a time when 3000 fans swarmed to Milanello yesterday, ahead of the first training session, in protest of the clubs poor or lack-there-of signings this season. This extension has caused my angst among the fans as they are fighting to make their voices heard.


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