Stadium Curse

Living in South Africa means that international teams, and I mean big international teams at that, very rarely come to South Africa. The opportunity to see the likes of Teves, Pirlo, Villa, and Sniejder play are, well, few and far between.

However; due to the World Cup being hosted in South Africa, the last two years have brought about these infrequent opportunities. I had the opportunity to see the three teams I admire most, on the international stage, play live.

Italy, Brazil and Argentina were in my back yard and I got to see them live. This in itself will remain is some of the fondest memories but the results: not so favourable.

I saw Italy play in two Confederations Cup games last year which saw them draw one game and loose 3-0 to Brazil. If I wasn't so attached to Italy for this game the pain would have been easier, but as a football admirer Brazil was world class. The passing between the Samba boys, the passion they displayed and finishing was classes above the now-former- World Champions.

This year I went to see Italy take on Paraguay in hope, that being on a World Cup stage, the Azzurri would play with more "voglia" and passion. That was not the case and I witnessed a sorry, depleted looking Azzurri side that was merely a shadow of the team that won four years ago.

My only other hope was for Argentina to show me their magic in the quarter finals against Germany at Cape Town stadium. Up until that point, Maradonna's men had played some of the most beautiful football in the World Cup and hopes were high that Messi and co. were going to show the world how the game should be played.

In a stadium packed with Argentinians supporters the South Americans crumbled under pressure. They failed to string this one touch, classic passes they had done the whole tournament while the Germans marched on to one of the finest demolitions on the World stage.

Once again the team I wanted to see win, had failed to produce the magic I know they possess so well. A stadium curse perhaps? I am not sure, however; come Tuesday support for neither Netherlands nor Uruguay will happen to avoid disappointment.


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