Foreigners Cap A Good Thing

Last week FIGC announced that they were to implement a 'foreigners cap' on the amount of non-EU players signing per club per year. This meant that from being able to sign two non-EU players a season the clubs would now only be allowed to sign one.

Several clubs, along with the likes of Milan, Lazio and Palermo have expressed their dissatisfaction in the new rule as they were hoping to use the two player policy to rebuff their respective teams.

This restriction has come at a time during the World Cup following the Azzurri's disappointing display as World Champions.

Many have expressed their opinion in saying that there are too many foreigners in Italy and feel this has partly to do with Italy's failure in South Africa. While
FIGC have expressed their belief that this cap will allow for new raw talent to come through forcing the club sides to put faith in their youngsters instead of loaning them out overseas to gain experience.

This cap is just the starting platform Serie A needs to go back to its old routes in which they used to pride themselves on being a league will locally produced players. Complaints that youngsters don't get a decent shot and that there are no new players good enough to play for the Azzurri will hopefully be shut down in the next few years should the new rule remain.


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