Not All That Bad

So Prandelli lost his first game as the Azzurri coach but legends before, such as Bearzot and Lippi, started off in the exact same way.

On a wet autumn evening in London a mix of Azzurri took to the field against Ivory Coast in what was their first time playing with each other. Despite the result of a 1-0 loss to a Koule Toure header, this Azzurri squad looked more determined than the one Lippi presented to the world in South Africa.

Prandelli chose a side with a diverse bunch of players; seeing Cassano return to the starting line-up after two years, while the ex-Viola coach showed faith in starting the 'oriundi' Amauri and Balotelli. Both players making their national debuts.

It was a much different Italia side that the fans are used to it did seem to work. Prandelli's boys managed to hold on to most of the possession showing more creativity and 'voglia' than the reigning World Champions did.

It was certainly refreshing to see new faces on the field and only a positive can be taken from last night's game. It can only get better from here as Prandelli has the know how and he knows what players he has at his disposal to get their qualifying campaign well on track.

Not blinded by tradition and relying on experienced players, Prandelli shows a trust in his youngsters and is willing to experiment and play with an open mind. Therefore; all is not lost and it certainly looks like Prandelli can be the next Italian coach to make his mark on the International stage.

Cesare, Siamo Con Te!


Guidz09 said…
ODDIO!!! I diavoli rossoneri!! E una ragazza che blogga sul mitico Milan ed il calcio Italiano!IN CAPE TOWN!! Had to let you know you have become my favorite unknown best friend!!!! Keep it up!!
Milanista said…
Hey, thank you very much for the comment. Will try my best. Keep reading and feel free to comment on any article :)

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