Thiago Silva. The Man of the Moment

Thiago Silva joined Milan in January of 2009 but could not play for the squad until the new season had started. A relatively unknown name at the time rossoneri fans found themselves once again questioning Galliani's and Braida's intentions in bringing in a young unknown Brazilian.

The doubting of the sporting directors could be seen as fair as past signings have failed and they were yet to bring in a name, in recent years, that had set the stage a light at the 'Scala del Calcio'.

However; the 24-year old found himself thrust into the limelight by Leonardo, as his fellow Brazilian clearly saw something in him. Starting in most of the games, following disappointing performances by Kaladze and Favalli, Silva excelled under the guidance of Alessandro Nesta.

The two formed a partnership that was unstoppable as they seemed to understand and compliment each other's style of play.

Winning the toughest tackles, coming forward to attack Silva was performing well in all aspects of the game. Soon becoming a fans favourite.

His stellar performances saw him deserved named in Dunga's World Cup squad to South Africa but he battled to make the cut with more experienced of his counter parts chosen ahead of him.

Since then rumours have been in full swing of a possible departure from the San Siro. Real Madrid have openly expressed in their desire to capture the young defender; offering an impressive amount of money.

Fortunately the amount of money has not seen Silva give in and he has declared to the rossoneri that he will remain faithful to his contract and that he wishes to stay at his 'home'. Giving relief to the worried rossoneri fans who have finally found a star to praise.

It is clear that this once unknown talent has certainly made a name for himself and it is only going to grow as he will undoubtedly be writing his name into history books shortly.

We, the fans of the Curva Sud, wish to thank you Silva for your faithfulness you have shown the club. We know times are tough but as a team we can get through it. Grande Silva!


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