Milan climb their way up the ladder

The race for the scudetto is starting to heat up,with surprise leaders Udinese and Napoli on top, followed by a determined rossoneri side in third. With Inter still struggling to get to grips with Mourinho, Fiorentina giving their all while Roma are languishing down at the bottom and Juventus seemed to have picked up some momentum; it looks like this is going to be one of the most exciting Serie A campaign in years.

It's been end to end stuff as one win or a loss could put you either three or four places up or three places down, leaving everyone determined to get at least a point.

Milan at the beginning of the season stated their main objective was to win the scudetto and of course result in them returning to Champions League. The season got off to a slow start after two consecutive defeats but it has picked up for the San Siro boys.

After six wins and a draw Milan find themselves one-point behind leaders Udinese and Napoli but the race is about to get tougher. Milan will meet Napoli this weekend in a must win game to ensure title contention and maintain a lead over cross-city rivals Inter. Who will meet a bottom-of-the-log Reggina this weekend.

All games are a must win for the rossoneri as it's only going to get tougher as they will meet Juventus, Udinese, Roma and Fiorentina in the last four weeks of the first half of the season. Concentration and belief is the key as they will also have to take part in the Uefa Cup groups games too.

With several key players out injured it will be tough but their have been key players who have shone for the rossoneri in these times. Inzaghi's return has proved vital as his 6-yard goals have not gone astray while Antonini has impressed in defence when he plays.
Once everyone is back it will be a great Milan to watch and the scudetto race will be even better!


patcook said…
Its been good to see milan find a way to scrap some wins together like the one against Atalanta and get some luck, like the penalty against Siena.

If we had have had this last year we'd still be in the champions league.

Im still waiting to see them play with conviction.

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