United for Borgonovo

Tonight Fiorentina and Milan will take to the field at the Stadio Artemio Franchi in what will be a friendly match in honour of Stefano Borgonovo.

The Como-born player is currently suffering from the motor neurone disease, a disease that slowly killed an ex- football player, Gianluca Signorini back in 2002. The disease is one which destroys the motor neurone cells that control voluntary muscle activity.

It is a day dedicated to the ex-viola and rossonero player in which a press conference will take place. The press conference will present the Borgonovo Foundation where it will be hosted by his wife Chantal Borgonovo.
Following the press conference a pre-match snack for the past players will take place, followed by the match itself.

The first half will see the current players of Milan and Fiorentina face each other while the second half will see the ex-player's of each side. Both teams host a wonderful set of past players that will certainly light up the show for the fans who will get to see their past time heroes step-out onto the field once more.

A great thank you to Stefano for his wonderful years at Milan and Fiorentina. This day will remain in the hearts of the fans for years to come just like he will. Our thoughts are with him...

Milan players
: Abbiati, Albertazzi, Ambrosini, Angelilli, Antonini, Cardacio, Darmian, Dida, Emerson, Maldini, Pasini, Gianola, Ronaldinho, Seedorf, Viudez

Fiorentina players
: Almiron, Avramov, Comotto, Da Costa, Dainelli, Donadel, Frey, Gobbi, Melo, Pasqual, Pazzini, Santana, Semioli, Storari, Zauri

Ex Milan: Albertini, Ancelotti, Baresi, Carobbi, Colombo, Costacurta, Donadoni, Evani, F. Galli, G. Galli, Gullit, Lantignotti, Massaro, Pazzagli, Salvatori, Simone, Stroppa, Tassotti.

Ex Fiorentina: Antognoni, Baggio, Banchelli, Battistini, Bosco, Branca, Buso, Calisti, Dell’Oglio, Di Chiara, Faccenda, Fuser, Gelsi, Inchini, Lacatus, Landucci, Maiellaro, Malusci, Mannini, Mareggino, Mattei, Mazinho, Nappi, Orlando, Pellegrini, Pellicano, Pin, Pioli, Pruzzo, Salvatori, Carobbi, Terim.


ginkers said…
It was great to see so many fine players together and a packed stadium. I can still remember the season when Baggio and Borgonovo bagged nearly 30 goals for Fiorentina. Great days...
Anonymous said…
I'm glad Milan took part in this. I hope they can do this every year.

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