Ibra In The Midst Of Controversy

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Milan's game against Bari on Sunday afternoon and rightly so. Offside calls, yellow cards and some controversial decisions went against the Rossoneri which subsequently saw the side grow more and more frustrated. In the middle of the choas and frustration stood the Swedish giant Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Never one to hold back his thoughts the centre forward seemed to be at war with the world on Sunday. Having failed to score for more than 600 minutes in open play Ibracadabra's magic has seemed to run out; leaving him clearly frustrated.

Milan"s elimination from the champions league and his failure to once again produce in the big games has seen his confidence and patience run thin.

Right from the first whistle, against Bari on Sunday, the Swede was having calls against him and the squad and his frustration was starting to show. It took a dubious hand ball, which saw him earn a yellow card, and a disallowed magnificent goal by Ibra to send his anger to a boiling point. Argument after argument with the opposition players, referee and linesmen as well as his failure to score saw him reach boiling; which finally saw him earn a red card.

A punch to Marco Rossi was the final push that referee Brighi needed to send the ex-Inter player off. There was no point to argue the instant red as it was inevitable. Subsequently Zlatan has received a three match ban, and rightly so, after receiving both a yellow and an instant red card.

The Milan board are said to appeal against the yellow card, claiming that Ibrahimovic didn't touch the ball but it landed rather in the crest of his shoulder.

Should Milan succeed in reducing the three match ban it will allow for the 29-year-old to play in the crucial Derby Della Madonnina against Inter. It is however; unlikely that the ban will be reduced.
This will make room for Cassano and Pato to take the lead in the derby while Allegri is hoping for a Pirlo return.

Ibrahimovic's ban comes at a bad time for the Via Turati outfit as they will have to play Palermo, Fiorentina and Inter. However; this will allow for Ibrahimovic to regroup, calm down and finally focus..... Well hopefully.


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