Milan You Beauties

From a horrid display, just three weeks ago against Tottenham at the San Siro, Milan have managed to turn the table and give their fans something to smile about after they triumphed 3-0 against Napoli on Monday evening.

What was set to be a Scudetto showdown between the two top sides on the Serie A table, few were expecting the Rossoneri to pull off a victory quite like they did. With no Antonini or Zambrotta at left-back or play-maker Andrea Pirlo available, Allegri had to settle for the second best side available.

Marek Jankulovski stepped back into his old position seeing him start his first game in ages for the side while new signing Mark Van Bommel, Flamini and Gattuso took control of the midfield behind the three forwards of Pato, Ibrahimovic and Robinho.

The first half was approached with caution as neither side managed to break the dead lock. The rossoneri came close on several occasions but they couldn’t find a break. It was several minutes into the second half that saw the Rossoneri return to power as a debatable hand ball saw Milan awarded a penalty. Ibrahimovic failed to miss sending the San Siro into hysterics of joy.

With quick one-touch, smooth flowing football the Diavoli took charge and started to play the football they know so well. Pato in particular was on top form as his silky moves saw Kevin-Prince Boateng latch onto his pass only to slot it into the back of the net.

With the game well under control Napoli only managed to threaten the Milan defence on the odd occasion. It was on another counter attack that saw Pato calmly take chase and chipped the ball over the keeper into the back of the net leaving the Napolitani in disarray.

It was a rather unusual performance by Mazzarri’s men as they lacked the control and failed to create in solid chances. This win is a huge win for the Rossoneri as they keep their title aspirations well and truely alive, making for the derby in three weeks to be another classic.


Marc said…
Well said. I think there defense was rock solid. Nest and Silva really show there quality when there side by side. Marek, played like he never had a 10 month break. Van Bommel showed the milan fans why he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the game. Pato, Robinho, Ibra, brilliant in the fron, just wish there were 12 men on the pitch, so you can throw in Cassano, he would of had fun out there. Boateng, to me is an all around good player, key player that can come on in the second half to defend, push forward and like he did, score a goal. Well done milan, well done. Remember this, if they play like that in Europe, see you in MAY...FORZA MILAN!!!!!!
Milanista said…
Well said Marc. I completely agree with you. Woud have been lovely to see Cassano have osme fun on that field too. I think Milan would have gone a bit wild. :)
Particularly loving your last comment on if they play like that in Europe they will be in the final. Lets hope they can continue with the good form in both competitions. Would be absolutely awesome and a magnificent dream come true.

Forza Milan

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