Alessandro 'Billy' Costacurta- a legend.

Many fans were sad to hear that Billy Costacurta would retire at the end o the season, and many weren't sure whether or not they will see the famous rossonero of Costacurta at Milan again. A legend in his own right, a player that oozed confidence and loyalty. The real definition of a Milanista.

His much loved persona is one that will remain in every Milanista's memory. And Billy fans and Milan fans around the world will be happy to know that this immortal Billy Costacurta isn't going anywhere. Yes, he is retiring, but, he will stay on at Milan as an assistant coach alongside Mauro Tassoti and Coach Carlo Ancelotti. The fans have found this as a huge comfort as their beloved Billy will not leave his beloved Milan.

Billy has always displayed passion, control, serenity when playing on the grass of the San Siro. And at the age of 41 Billy is still going strong. He has captained Milan when Maldini wasn't there, and he has reached levels beyond any one's expectations. If it was up to Billy he will stay and play on next season, but family life, and tender legs beckons for a break.

As Billy retires this season, he will never be forgotten and his record proves it, having won :

7 scudetti
4 Champions League trophies
2 Intercontinental cups
4 European super cups
1 Italian Cup
5 Super League cups

And if Milan succeed on May 23rd, he would win his 5th Champions league crown. And what a way to remember his career.

His career at Milan has been like a love affair that has carried on for 20 years, he feels nothing but passion and pride for Milan. And when he walks out onto that San Siro pitch for the last time as a player, it will be one met with many emotions. Tears of joy as he is such a wonderful player, tears of sadness because it is always difficult to say goodbye to such a leader and a legend. He carrys his heart in the warmth of the rossoneri colours, and it will never be forgotten.

GRANDE BILLY! A leader, a captain, a hero, a Milanista! If words could describe what Billy has meant to Milan, and his tifosi over the years it would be one of the most powerful words in the world. But the Immortal Billy will remain long in the memory of millansiti around the world and one simple word that can be used to describe him is a LEGEND!


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