Atalanta on fire as Cristian "Spuntafuoco" Vieri returns!

A few weeks ago, Bobo Vieri marked his return to Serie A, and his return to his home club Atalanta. He came on and made an instant impact, creating two scoring chances but the rusty legs of being a year on the sidelines never managed to capitalise on the build ups.

But today, was a day for all Atalanta fans, and Vieri fans around the world to remember. He graced his comeback with style, smashing home a volley from 38 metres. He was greeted with cheers from the home fans, his team mates running up to him, and his girlfriend in the crowd jumping up and down in tears. He couldn't have netted a better goal than this, and one of such significance and meaning.

Many will be hoping that this is the start of the Great Bobo Vieri who graced Serie A with such class over the years. We all hope that his bad spell is over and that he finds his form at his real home, and forgets all the negative memories. He is a legend in Italian football no matter what, and if he manages to find confidence and peace of mind, the fire will be burning high or Vieri and Atalanta.

It's just a matter of time that Vieri finds his way back to that old form, and this summer break could just be what he needs to find full form away from the press!


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