Milan arrive in Athens!

A head of a tension fulled week for both Liverpool and Milan fans both teams have arrived in Athens and both are looking to start their preparations ahead of Wednesday nights big clash. The build to the final game is crucial as training sessions have to be made more careful to prevent injuries, formations have to be set, both sets of players must be in the right set of mind. No one can afford to make any mistakes.

As both coaches and teams go head to head for the second time in two years, both are hungry for a victory. Milan, hungry to restore their pride after throwing away their 3-0 lead to Liverpool in Istanbul. Liverpool, hunger to equal Milan's record of 6 Champions League victories. Who will prosper?

Many could say Milan, they need to restore their pride after their shocking loss to Liverpool that was taken away from them like cheetah hunting down it's prey. The team suffered from that loss and the memories still haunt the grounds of Milanello to this day. Mention Istanbul to a Milan player that experienced it, and pain and heart break restores it's self in the body of the devils. No one really knows how much pain the rossoneri and the milanisti suffered that night, and the days following the aftermath of that horrid night. A pain that is unbearable to even think about let alone live through, this final isn't just about winning the Champions League trophy it's about restoring the faith in the fans and the players, about revenge and about burying those demons once and for all. Milan need to do this for them selves and the fans more than anything else.

Liverpool on the hand want to win this to prove that the final in Istanbul was deserved on there part and it was just some ill-fated piece of bad luck for Milan. They don't carry as much weight going into the final as Milan do, but they need to win because once again they had an unimpressive season in the Premiership, finishing 3rd but way behind second placed Chelsea. Liverpool also have a proud history in the Champions League and they will be looking to add onto that history to make it 6 wins for them.

Two of the most experienced sides in Europe battle it out in one game, in Athens.A tough battle no doubt but there can only be one winner...

Photo's of the teams arriving in Athens:


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