Will the famous number 7 return to the San Siro?

Andrij Shevchenko, loved by some loathed by others. How did it all change? Not so long ago he was one of the most loved players in the world... and now? He has lost the respect of many people, and not only just football supporters but Milan supporters too. The same fans that idolised him, and saw no other players besides him, Maldini and Kaka.

They lived and breathed the name Shevchenko. He was their hero, their idol, their leader. But Sheva threw it all away. He left a club where he was adored by all, and many more to a club full of riches. He was no longer, their hero, no longer their player, he was no longer wearing that famous number 7 shirt of Milan.

Some fans have remained loyal, and have looked for a way to try and understand why Sheva left. While others, were left disappointed and angry. They threw away their Sheva shirts, or put it in a cupboard and never wore it again. Too disappointed, in what was to be the next legend of Milan, seen leaving for a club that tortured the poor Hernan Crespo before that.

He went to Chelsea, and didn't impress. He struggled to find his best form that had seen him win many trophies at Milan. He was attacked by the press and supporters of the game. Constant rumours continued to float around the grounds of Stamford Bridge of a possible move away from Chelsea and and unlikely return to Milan.

His mysterious injury just before the second leg of the Champions League seimi-final game against Liverpool, saw many questions raised once again, about whether or not he would be staying with Chelsea or moving away.

Galliani has said that Milan will be keeping a non-eu spot open should Shevchenko return. He has also said that Shevchenko remains close to Milan's heart, but he clearly doesn't know how some of the fans are feeling.

It's been a confusing week for Milanisti as Sheva has constantly been linked with his return back to Milan. It is of course obvious that Milan would like Sheva back, but how will the fans feel? The same fans that petitioned for him not to be sold to Chelsea, are the ones that locked away his shirt and through away the key.

Some will be happy to have their beloved Sheva back, others will not. They could argue that the way he left and treated Milan doesn't make him deserve to wear the number 7 jersey again. No good bye, no official reason for his leaving. One that will never be discovered.

Many fans shed tears when they saw the official announcement of him leaving, and many dealt with the loss of a future Milan legend in different ways.

But only questions remain, will Sheva return to that sacred ground of the San Siro ever again? Can the Milanisti accept his wrong doing and move on, and support him the way they did for years and years? Time will only tell.


Anonymous said…
i'm a huge fan of Milan. of course, among others i don't understand Sheva's move to England. But i still want to see him back in San Siro, in Italian League. that's his destiny. Everyone makes mistakes, we are all human, and we can always forgive him by welcoming back.
roman from california.
Milanista said…
tbh I am still confused over the whole ordeal, it wasn't the fact he left it was more the way how he left. It hurts seeig him playing for another team and seeing him kiss the shirt was a like a kick up the arse for milan. I just hope he has a better season at chelsea this season, last season it was a waste of the talent

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