How can any Milanista express what we are feeling today, and what we felt last night. The sheer thought of Milan beating Man Utd last night puts a smile on my face. Milan played with such passion, determination, willingness to succeed.

The hard fighting Rino Gattuso, put in a magnificent display. That merited the man of the match. He is a unique footballer and all us milanisti are glad and proud to have him on our team. His great team work with Oddo saw him shut down Ronalo. Which left him ineffective for Man Utd the whole game.

Star performances from Seedorf and Kaka, graced Milan with two fine goals, and a lead very worthy of the trophy. The two blessed the milanisti with such grace and poise, a world class show by them.

And of course it couldn't have all been done by them, a whole team effort, starting from Dida having a solid game in goals, to a defence that proved Italian class, the midfield proving why they are one of the strongest in the world, and last but not least and fine finishing for the forward.
The fans at the San Siro stadium were beautiful, forming the picture in the curva: "WIN FOR US" and Milan did! And in such fine fashion too. As Carlo Ancelotti says: " It's like a dream"

And what a dream it is. Now lets go to Athens and avenge Istanbul. We have to beat Liverpool and prove this side isn't finished just yet.

I am sure all Milanisti have been smiling the whole day and I for one haven't stopped. The feeling that Milan have made us experience is barely describable but ones of joy, passion, faith, and pride.

Fiera di essere una Milanista!

We thank Carlo Ancelotti and his men, as we didn't only hear music from Gila, we heard the whole orchestra from Milan!

More Milan pictures from the night:


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