2010 Fifa World Cup: The Merchandise =========<()

South Africa is a nation of tradition and diversity and this can even be seen in their football as they have various and rather unusual football merchandise. These forms of merchandise has undoubtedly caught the world by storm. There has been various merchandise that has helped created and captured the essence of the South African game. Here is a list of the various merchandise that has helped created this football fever.

Today saw a nation unite even more as across South Africa fans from all countries gathered together; in the streets, in shopping malls and public places with their vuvuzelas to blow the African horn in order to celebrate the final days leading up to the World Cup.

It was a great spectacle to witness as the sounds of the horns were heard from all parts of the cities as they embraced the true football spirit. Football fever has undoubtedly struck the lives of all South Africans and even the foreigners are getting into the swing of things.

The Vuvuzela
The vuvuzela, caught in the midst of controversy between players and fans, is an African horn that has set African football alight. It has become a trademark in South African football, however; annoying it actually is, it is still an important feature in African football and should not be banned from the World Cup.

The Makarapa
Traditionally a construction helmet, a fan one day decided to cut it up and paint it with the colours of his team which he supports. Since then there has been a huge demand for the helmet; from being produced for only a minimal order to now being mass produced it is a true symbol of South African football.

Kits, Shoes, Scarves
The shirts and full kits of the 32 nations, that will be present at the World Cup, have hit all the stores and are flying off the shelves. Supporters are buying football jerseys left, right and centre along with scarves and various other wearable gear.

Superga shoes have become a big hit in South Africa as they offer shoes with countries flags painted on them; from England to Brazil, South Africa to Italy these bright coloured shoes can be seen walking the streets of South Africa.

The flags are out in full force. Be it big flags hanging from buildings or houses, or small flags attached to cars South Africans are embracing their selected teams displaying the various nations flags on their balconies or cars. Even covers for the side mirrors can be seen everywhere as distinction between various supporters can be made.

It is a wonderful effort by South Africans as they have truly embraced the soccer spirit. Despite the constant doubt about whether or not the nation would deliver, it can be certainly said that the come critics have certainly been proven wrong.

For all the fans travelling to South Africa, a small guide about Cape Town will be posted up over the course of the World Cup, from a perspective of an Italian-Cape Townian. Should there be any queries or a request about something specific feel free to drop me a line.


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