Disgraceful Refereeing

This 2010 World Cup in South Africa has seen referees and their assistants at the centre of attention for poor decisions. Bad calls have been made throughout the tournament and as the World Cup progresses, it seems, so does the bad refereeing calls.

Before the final officials are selected for the World Cup, they all have to undergo a rigorous training camp and take part in various tests. Each official and its assistant have to keep a certain fitness criteria and have a certain amount of experience.

The ones that meet these requirements and pass the special process, implemented by FIFA, they are selected and they go through to further refereeing camps and training before the World Cup.

With all the rigorous proceeders it would, or rather should, be safe to assume that these refs and their assists are the best and that they can be trusted to make the best decisions possible. However; this has not been the case. Refereeing decisions have been shockimng this World Cup: penalties, red cards, disallowed goals or wrongly allowed goals and offside decisions have been at the centre of the controversy at the World Cup.

Sending offs have been a huge problem this World Cup as Miroslav Klose wrongly received a second yellow against Serbia, while Kaka also received a second yellow for a non existent foul on Abdelkader Kieta. Finally, FernandoTorres needs to receive an Oscar for drama as his dramatic tumble, claiming he was fouled, saw Chilean Estrada sent off with a second yellow.

Two notable incidents occurred in Sunday's round of the last 16 games; seeing two vital decisions in terms of goals. During England's game Frank Lampard's ferocious shot hit the cross-bar but bounced down and clearly crossed the line, and bounced back out again. The linesman ruled it out and said the ball had not crossed the line when it was well over.

The linesman was no where near the line with the ball and was yards away from the action. Even so he had a clear view of the goal and should have been able to see it. While in the later game that evening, Teves had a goal wrongly ruled in his favour. In a scramble at the last 20 yards or so Messi's shot found it's self back at his feet and he passed it through to Teves who was well offside. All was left for him was to slot it home in the open goals.

The linesman had a clear view of the controversial seen as he was perfectly online with the two Mexican defenders who played Teves well offside but the shocking decision by Rosetti's assistant saw Mexico crumble in a 3-1 defeat to Argentina.

Needless to say the refereeing has been shocking this World Cup and calls for more technology and assistants behind the goal mouth really need to be taken into consideration.


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