Italian Restaurant Guide For Cape Town.

Today will see the start of three reviews on Cape Town's best places to eat, drink and watch the games. These places would be the idealistic spots for Italian fans who don't have tickets for the games as well as a great place for other fans to relax and watch the matches being played. Great atmospheres will be present in all three venues with an undeniable 'Italian Experience' of fine Italian cuisine and football banter is waiting to be unveiled.

Each of the restaurants to be reviewed specialise in Italian cuisine and are big followers of Italian football. They boast a wide variety of Italian food products from various regions in Italy giving their customers the best taste of Italy.

The three restaurants are:

Giovanni's Delicatessen

Address: 103 Main Road, Green Point, Atlantic Seaboard.
Telephone: 021 4346893

Limoncello Restaurant
Address: 8 Breda Street, Gardens, Cape Town.
Telephone: 021 461 5100

Bacini's Restaurant

Reviews to follow.


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